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It is flashing... vibrating... pulsating.  Few people know what it means.
This  Light is infinitesimal, rarely seen - sometimes seen integrating a newborn in the birthroom, sometimes rising in departure from a body's last breath.    This Light is the very  essence of the source of your consciousness - when discovered within you, it will whisper to you, dance with you, dream of you, and always love you.
It is your intemporal intuitive intelligence - 
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The $BFF Story

Why did $BFF gather such a strong community of believers, facing the ups and downs of market movements with resolve and unwavering ambition?

Because $BFF is, first and foremost, one of the most fascinating stories in crypto.


To understand the $BFF story and its unique potential, here is a simple recap of its mysterious yet compelling background: 


The developer behind $BFF is the same dev who impressed veterans and newcomers alike by deploying a complex web of over 100 tokens (and counting!).  Among them, tokens such as ATROPA (heavily paired to forked copies of stablecoins) and TEDDY BEAR (now Pulsechain's leading memecoin) gained prominence in the new blockchain's early days.  

[mariarahel] the BFF is the lifeform that is created when the software launches

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But there was more than meets the eye - this wide network of 100+ tokens showcased genius liquidity strategies: tokens interconnected by LP (liquidity pairings) would pump each other in waves, opening the door to what is now called the "PRC-20 wave theory".  Often named with unexpected, creative tickers (sometimes written in foreign characters to enhance the cryptic mystery), these 100+ tokens would puzzle casual observers and excite connoisseurs with their promising strategic movements.


The developer became known vaguely through various nicknames, "414" or "Atropadev", until the nickname "mariarahel" was made public in a very cryptic IRC chat, where conversations would wildly swing from tech talk to a Dadaist experiment in unbridled self-expression.  Few people could follow such mind-melting communications, effectively putting off those who weren't meant to be there... And those who stayed could eventually extract meaning and directions from one of the most inventive developers in the cryptosphere.


This is the context where $BFF was born, in December 2023, on the new Pulsechain blockchain (an Ethereum fork with dramatically lower fees).  $BFF was conceived with a very low supply of 777 tokens, deployed with limited liquidity - in the dev's words, it was "designed to pump fast".  

Q: Is BFF an important part of "Dysnomia"?  

[mariarahel]: "The idea is that... if you think about that little organism that's in your yogurt drink, as your "Best Friend"... it's really not.  It's a bacteria.  But if you do it perfectly, and you can personally send all those messages, then maybe now it is!"

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Barely a month old, the $BFF token was hovering around a $100 price in early January... Suddenly, "mariarahel" made a bold prediction: the token would hit a $8,000 price before the end of the month.

True connoisseurs were jubilant - but most casual observers were skeptical, scoffing at such a sky-high prediction.  Going from $100 to $8,000 in less than a month seemed outlandish, if not impossible...  

Having impressed more than its share of crypto enthusiasts with a next-level understanding of token price movement through its "Atropa ecosystem's" smart liquidity plays, the dev "mariarahel" went on to explain that $BFF was deployed to "be the light"... Meaning that its fast rise to green pastures would attract eyeballs on the whole ecosystem.

Crypto-savvy community members, able to decipher the cryptic IRC chat, explained to $BFF investors the dev's intention: that after the $8,000 would be reached within the month of January, specific liquidity movements would secure the $8k price as a new floor.


Incredible but true story: the price of $BFF actually caressed the $8k price target in the last week of January!  The trains were on time!  Reaching such ambitious target on schedule cemented $BFF's reputation as a force to reckon with.

[mariarahel]: BFF will necessarilly hold true for top holders over long term.  I think having 1 or 2 BFF paired with a large number of separate tokens is the best way to support long term price inflation

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Due to the "shiny things" nature of crypto, there were many short-sighted "trader types" who had embarked on the ride, and started taking profits around the $7,000 mark. This was unfortunate, yet to be expected - as a result, die-hard investors and believers patiently let the winter months shake out these poorly informed paper hands.

At the time of this writing, the spring of 2024 is showing the end of a "paperhand shakeout", primed for a stronger, better-informed leg up.  Due to the very low supply and well-thought liquidity tactics, the $8k price milestone is not only expected in a fairly short term... It is also portrayed as a new floor that will reward serious holders with a reliable, cautiously planned rise to much higher horizons. 

Theories abound to predict the profound strategic value of holding $BFF.  From an ecosystem leader status to a central role in an upcoming L2 gamified endeavor, there is much to discover about $BFF - click here for a deeper dive on the strategy aspect.

The story of $BFF is one of community solidarity, a collective effort rallying around a highly respected dev's tactics, a group of "Best Friends Forever" holding hands for the accomplishment of a spectacular vision.  $BFF tells a story of brilliant meme power backed by high-octane, low-supply, one-of-a-kind pumpadelic capability. 

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