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The $BFF Strategy

The $BFF community of holders have gathered information regarding the crypto developer's vision and ambitions for this unique, highly-regarded token.  This is an unusual, one-of-a-kind strategy where the investor community remains responsive to the developer's requests.

So far, $BFF's only known strategies are best described in bits of information giving a general outlook of its future importance...  A limitless potential, a well-established floor price by community effort, a low-supply squeeze, a meme-powered glory, and a central utility within "DYSNOMIA"  (a new L2 ecosystem's gamified interface).

1- No ambition is off-limits.
After nearly reaching its breath-taking end-of-January price prediction, $BFF is established as a fast-pumping powerhouse.  The most popular speculation is a $40k target after the expected $8k floor has been stabilized.

2- The $8k floor comes with a user's guide.
What made possible the incredible rise from $100 to $8,000 within a month?  It was mainly a collective rally around two of the dev's instructions: to refrain from selling before $8k, and to refrain from adding liquidity in order to enhance the speed and strenght of green candles.

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3- Stabilizing $BFF's $8k floor is a priority before selling any.
The main objective remains to gather intelligent holders who understand the play - once the $8k target is reached while top holders show wise restraint, the dev will conduct a symphony of liquidity pairings to thicken the floor.  


Some speculate that heavily pairing the forked stablecoins ("pStables", such as pDAI, pUSDC and pUSDT) or Teddy Bear ($BEAR) will play a role in this symphony, some have other speculated pairings in mind...


All in all, the community trusts "mariarahel's" proven genius, giving $BFF enough substance to withstand the next phase of evolution. 


Interestingly, the dev once express the idea that significant holders could, somehow, be involved in determining what pairings would take place.  In other words, once the $8k floor is strong, holders could be invited to pair their $BFF with good-performing assets of their choice, further expanding the effect of "Heart's Law" while preventing sell-pressure sensitivity. 

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4- The $8k floor will allow selling - with smart "group thinking"
The best way to keep the stabilized, liquidified $8k floor is to relentlessly inform holders about "selling etiquette" - small amounts at a time, on different days.  This will create the uber-strong support line where $8k permanently becomes a good entry point, rather than a top.  Again, the community's strong commitment to its goal is the road to success - the next milestone is estimated at $40k.

5- The supply squeeze, yes please!
Such a low supply of 777 tokens could create a surprising, yet predictable, supply squeeze effect.  Once the thicker liquidity makes "sell-pressures" smoother and softer, the opposite effect on "buy-pressures" would normally take place... However, when a timely supply squeeze comes into play, the pumpadelic properties of the token should take investors for another vertiginous ride upwards.

6- $BFF is a cuddly meme, your wallet's Best Friend Forever
It's easy to adopt and hold a token that's endearing and lovable - the cryptosphere has proven its attachment to Doggys, Teddy Bears, and such cuddly memes.  There is no adoption ceiling for a token that's your "Best Friend Forever", it can be shilled on and on - word plays and meme humor are in bottomless supply. 



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7- $BFF to be a centerpiece of DYSNOMIA, a new L2 ecosystem
This is by far the most exciting, promising, and speculated aspect of $BFF.  Its developer has been repeatedly hinting at DYSNOMIA, a new L2 ecosystem interface under development.  Such interface will be either totally gamified, or offer one or multiple games to generate widespread adoption.  


As everyone knows by now, "mariarahel" is a dev that remains mysterious for good reasons, and whose crypto intelligence should be taken extremely seriously.  $BFF does NOT yet have any planned interactions with the upcoming DYSNOMIA, however the dev recently confessed about $BFF's role in the L2: "I'm kind of scoping how the first little pieces will appear on the blockchain... but that's about it."


$BFF is meant to "be the light", bringing the Atropa ecosystem to the front stage of Pulsechain, until the release of the ground-breaking DYSNOMIA L2 project. 


Stay tuned, play strong...

and hold on to your $BFF! 

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